Monday, 4 July 2016

TPP - how does this fit our democracy?

I've been deeply engaged in the movement in opposition to the TPP treaty and its associated agenda. This paper summarises my thoughts and the evidence in relation to TPP. It attempts to join a number of dots into a wider picture.
I've taken it upon myself to collect these into an essay and pass this to the Governor General.
This was sent to His Excellency on Wednesday 29 June. This revised (edited after a further proofread) essay was sent Monday 4 July.

Essay and open letter to the Governor General of New Zealand
His Excellency Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM, QSO and successors.

By Greg Rzesniowieckii 29 June 2016.1

This essay is about an international treaty Your Government intends ratifying known as Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Perhaps reflect on the following question as you consider the remainder of this essay;

“Is the New Zealand State a democracy and as Head of State, are you compelled to protect it’s democratic nature?”ii iii

If not let's make it so. 

Aotearoa New Zealand - opening and climate setting

In your swearing in speech 31 August 2011, His Excellency Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM, QSO Governor-General of New Zealand, stated what is most important; “he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.”iv

Democracy is all about ‘he tangata’ and meeting the people’s needs in full consultation with them.
I’ve made a survey of geopolitics, it’s trends and momentum. I aim to share a slice of that with Your Excellency. In the process I address our Constitution,v which reflects our highest law. Do our constitutional elements protect the democratic nature of the state?vi

If not, what can the Office of Governor General offer to remedy Executive autocracy?vii Your office holds tremendous potential power – are you at liberty to exercise it in accord with your conscience determined through a survey of the realm and its needs?

Do our constitutional arrangements facilitate the endless power struggle known as class warfare who's surface momentum trends toward determination in favour of powerful vested and monied interests.

My survey finds the winning trend being institutionalised provides for;

the systemic rip-off of wealth from the poor toward the top of the privilege pyramid.”

What happened to building a cohesive and egalitarian state (once upon a time, referred to as the commonwealth)? Every bill and piece of legislation is a constitutional alteration absent a formalised and publicly mandated constitution. The determinations of the courts add to the mix.
If the constitutional arrangements are adequate - what might be at work?

Is it corruption that is at work? Or is it that insufficient 'safe-guards' are built-in to the constitutional framework of the Aotearoa New Zealand nation state governance system to ensure an egalitarian commonwealth? Or both?

What remedy is required presuming you find yourself in agreement with my observations?
Your Excellency has experience in various roles as soldier, public servant, Chief of Intelligence and now Head of the NZ State. You are an officer and a gentleman. Thank you for all that you have done to secure the state for the people thus far in your career.

I feel that you are well able to view with a critical and discriminating lens the material I present. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – security means what? – what of the people?

The TPP legislation passed it’s first reading Thursday 12 May 2016. Additionally there is the RCEP and TiSA – which are further impositions without consent.

This essay is about democracy and governance. It is about the running of the NZ State.

I am one of many who oppose the TPP, and the passage of the enabling legislation.viii It is not in the public and national interest.ix These ought to cohere if the state is a democracy, as the national interest would be implicitly clear to the ‘informed populous’ who comprise the democracy.

The GCSB and NZSIS recently provided me the following description of our National Interest from a question I posed them in December 2015; Please provide a definition of the “New Zealand National Interest” that the New Zealand Intelligence Security services work to protect?x Their answer;

There is no definition of the “New Zealand National Interest” within either agency’s legislation. The agencies work to protect the New Zealand’s national security interests which are outward-looking, connected to New Zealand’s economic and foreign policies. It starts with the fundamental interest of maintaining New Zealand retains control of its political, social and economic structures and looks outward to maintaining security in the South Pacific region.

If New Zealand’s political, social and economic structures are situated within a democracy, then it is imperative that a New Zealand Government of any ideology or political persuasion, does not undermine the fundamentals of our State. A democracy’s potential to arrive at positive outcomes is limited by the degree of secrecy and opacity of it’s government’s motives and actions - particularly where the public is informed by propaganda.xi

If I may offer a statement of principle;

I associate personal and society wellbeing with ecological wellbeing.”

A definition for security might be as described by a previous notable NZ public servant, William Ball Sutch in his epic tome, ‘The Quest for Security in New Zealand 1840 – 1966.’xii It is well worth the survey if you can gain a copy.xiii

What is your definition of ‘security’ Sir?

It must be broader than mere military security to be socially beneficial. What of social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing? Your Government removed these from the 2002 Local Government Act's purposes in it's 2012 review. You Assented to their removal, despite your utterance about what is most important in your swearing in speech.

In regard to security in the South Pacific region I attended the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) conference, ‘In the Eye of the Storm – Climate Change in the Pacific in February 2016.’xiv
Does the New Zealand National Interest extend to the security of the Pacific peoples, not just the geographic region and its resources. Does NZ's National Interest include action to meet the Pacific people's desire for the 1.5 degree limit they promoted and was agreed at the Paris UNFCCC conference?xv We are perilously close to that level now – in fact it may well be locked in.

Many nations signed the UNFCCC in New York. Your Minister for Climate Change The Hon. Paula Bennett represented New Zealand and signed on New Zealand’s behalf.xvi xvii Sir, I note your interest in the subject of climate change and its potential impacts on Antarctic ice sheets and sea levels.xviii

I comprehend that which our scientists are telling us about planetary boundaries. I'm a logical fellow so based on their findings, I am concerned with the state of the planet, the people and our wellbeing.xix

I’ve become apprehensive about the lack of global collective will to remedy gross acts; aggressive war, covert war, toxic emissions/releases to the environment, rampant deforestation and land-clearings, inhumane acts in their myriad form, to mention a few.xx

My concern for a credible solution to the climate change challenge grew with comprehension of trade and investment treaties and the agenda of the proponents, including Your NZ Government’s participation in the agenda in TPP.xxi

A conspiracy in plain sight to defraud the public of their democratic state?xxii I expand on the scheme below. 

Aotearoa New Zealand - planetary law and justice – why TPP?

If the answer is TPP - what was the question?

Investment and trade treaties become critical elements of international law binding the respective governments to their arrangements. My question being;

do they assist or constrain government action to protect public interest in the nations covered by them?”

This question is a legitimate concern. The people ought determine these matters in a democracy.
My answer follows;

TPP and future investment treaties will disallow or discourage mitigation of climate change or economic equity, through regulation based on human rights or precautionary principles, where the investor interest is in conflict with the community or commons interest.”xxiii xxiv xxv

This thesis is proved repeatedly. The plaintive claim from NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (MFAT) Dr. David Walker makes the case! “Those were unintended consequences - we’ve drafted a better protection this time”. This quote from Dr. Walker’s public presentations in the TPP Roadshows and elsewhere. I ask, ‘how is that tested?’ We are gambling the planet's biospheric carrying capacity against a track record of growing unintended consequences.
My question;

Is TPP reasonable risk management by those charged with the Sovereign Trust to protect the affairs of the people and their nation?”

The tobacco carve-out is surely a signal that not all might be well with the public interest protections written into the Investment Chapter.xxvi

The 5 May 2016 Waitangi Tribunal decision supports the thesis despite its final decision that the ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ protection clause should be sufficient.xxvii The Waitangi Tribunal finding must be balanced against the practicalities of stopping the NZ Government’s TPP steam-roller, and the Tribunal’s desire to remain a relevant body. It can only make recommendations to Your Government.
I appreciate we might be placing similar pressure on the institutional role of the Monarchy in the NZ Constitutional framework with the application and petition for intervention by Your Office.xxviii 

Gauging civil opposition to TPP, I sense there is a broad desire to move to ethical governance amongst our diverse NZ community. What does ethical governance look like and is Your Office one that promotes such an ideal?

The desirability of the ISDS (investor state dispute settlement) for the corporate interest, is that it disciplines government against practice that supports and protects communities, where the government act is against or in conflict with the investor’s bottom line or profit. The Peru-US FTA is a perfect example of the gross inhumanity perpetrated by our ally the US for its trade interest.xxix It is criminal to incite another to violence, both in domestic and in international law. Who prosecutes the powerful?

I find it difficult to comprehend how the New Zealand Government can stomach its evident complicity, by aiding and abetting the US aggressor, in its various schemes, through continued uncritical association. A similar act by a person under domestic law would be actionable and meet condemnation.

Our New Zealand Government in supporting the ISDS institution, is party to the regime that undermines public interest legislation and regulation in other Noam Chomsky describes them as Stalinist in their imposition, which surely is an affront to any democratic state?xxxi

The ISDS ‘disciplining force’ employed against government is an effective tool used by cashed up corporations, to constrain democracy.xxxii The corporation’s interests have been consistently served by key governments acting on behalf of the corporations when United Nations, WTO, trade, investment, WHO, multilateral and other plutilateral negotiations are undertaken. It appears that the conspiracy in plain sight is advanced with many governments’ complicity. We the people oppose this unjust and arbitrary imposition. We have done so repeatedly including historically in rejecting the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on investment) and ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement).xxxiii 

Aotearoa New Zealand – the people, our democracy - what do we stand for?

Your Excellency has in possession 4000+ signatures on a petition handed to Your Officer Gregory Baughen, Saturday 30 January 2016, seeking Your Excellency intervene on behalf of the people to ensure the New Zealand state operates according to its fundamental principles as a democracy.xxxiv Surely one is enough to compel you, were you to see the merit of the case - after all what is the most important thing in the World? “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata,” or so it is said.

I imagine your file on this matter also contains the correspondence from Amanda Vickers on behalf of the organisers of the petition setting out our request, proposing You intervene on behalf of the people of the land.xxxv ‘We the people’ have repeatedly uttered our desire, “no TPP.”

As Head of our New Zealand State, Your Office has the last say whether any legislation is formally Assented. I appreciate that in ordinary circumstances you follow the recommendation of your Ministers.

Sir I assert, “these are not ordinary circumstances!”

The Aotearoa New Zealand State is being manoeuvred into a trade bloc, with stringent enforceable rules (creating new international law) which favour the already powerful international investors and transnational corporations (TNCs).

Twenty (20)% of global investment is covered by investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) in investment treaties. TPP, the sister Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and Canada European Trade Agreement (CETA), will if implemented as the investor interests desire, lift that proportion. Over eighty (80)% of global investment will be covered by ISDS - a substantial coup in favour of investors. A global coup through a few plutilateral treaties. That is powerful magic Sir.

All without the consent of the people in any of the respective nations covered.xxxvi The current crop of TPP, TTIP, CETA, RCEP, TiSA etc, are no different to the Globalist MAI. These treaties divorce and or distance government from setting social, environmental, economic and financial policies in consultation with the participants who comprise the national democracies.

All of these impositions without the consent of the people.

It is a conspiracy in plain sight for any with a lens large enough to encompass the scale of the imposition. A military general must have the capacity and capability to scope the battleground. The US have made the planet's land and waters, the weather, the internet and space a war theatre. Add the Class war and the battle for our bodies and minds and one appreciates the nature of the battle being waged against humanity.

Are we up to the challenge?

Can we win Sir?

We have one chance to overcome TPP and the globalising agenda for corporate control. Once in TPP or TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), it will be difficult to leave. We are told that it is a mere administrative process. There is desperate politics being played to gain our entry to the partnership.
If NZ Assents to TPP, the politics will be hysterical were the people to convince the government that divorce from the likely abusive relationship is a wise step – look at the aftermath of the brexit vote. The precautionary principle is needed here.

Again at no point is the people’s consent requested. The abusive relationship is in fact rape. In reality it is the rape of the losers in the class war – will you assist we the people stop the TPP crime from being committed?

The already privileged raping the less powerful is an historical fact and tendency, all because they are systemically enabled – once enabled they cannot help themselves – look to the Trans Canada ISDS suit against Obama’s decision to not proceed with the Keystone Pipeline. We are told that TPP and its insidious ISDS is in our National Interests.

I suggest that;

If we are to have global governance of a formally structured nature – a grand scheme - the people of the nations being partnered, ought to be at least informed and their consent gained before the agreement is confirmed and implementation of the arrangement is entrenched.

Better still in a democracy we must be consulted in the initial stages and our suggestions considered with an open and engaged mind in what we offer as being in our interests (again the process and inputs from the people in the flag redesign process and the offerings about 'what we stand for'). Surely that is the meaning of the right to self determination envisaged in the UN foundation stone?

Your Excellency and your successor could play a pivotal role. You volunteered that “he tangata is the most important” as Governor and Head of State. A rough survey reveals that all or most social wellbeing statistics are travelling in the wrong direction over the past 5 years of your watch. You cannot be satisfied with this outcome.

If these impositions are not stopped, then the people and the planet become collateral damage as the current stage of the capitalist feeding frenzy commodifies everything, and everyone along with the service these provide, then appropriates anything that looks or smells like money.

Is it the people or the money that is important? We know which is powerful, however, which is most important? 

Aotearoa New Zealand – the lawful context

My paper to the FADT select committee, ‘Application of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) in respect to Trans Pacific Partnership and Aotearoa New Zealand - April 2016’xxxvii outlines the law of treaty making as I apprehend its written form. The VCLT makes the point that treaties are to be interpreted in commonly used language. In the paper I highlight where the TPP is in conflict with the VCLT treaty and our NZ Constitution. The paper highlights a level of hypocrisy, by referencing the extensive Flag Change consultation process, compared to the TPP’s denial of democracy. Both are matters amending our constitution.

I ask that You and your successor do not provide Your Assent to the TPP legislation, until the people have consented by way of binding referendum.

Those concerned continue to gather more signatures on the petition to Your Excellency.xxxviii TPP Free Wellington now offer the petition online to spread knowledge of its existence and the nature of our Constitutional Monarchy.xxxix

Your Office is the Supreme Administrator on behalf of the Sovereign Trust to which ‘we the people’ are the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries of a trust can only receive benefits. As such You cannot affix Your Signature and Seal to any Deed, Law or Act, that does not satisfy a reasonable test of benefit for the people. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – we the people speak!

Sir, I demonstrate that the public desire for democracy and a binding referendum on TPP is widespread.

There was a vast trove of material offered the FADT committeexl throughout the TPP treaty examination process, which is required under Your Government’s parliamentary standing orders.xli
I offered a number of papers to the FADT Select Committee based on my discoveries and observations on the nature of TPP and our place in the World of nations and powers.xlii

In the course of my oral evidence your Member of Parliament Kennedy Graham asked (paraphrased), ‘what could MFAT do to consult fully with the New Zealand people, and secondly what would be an improved process, including what constitutional changes might be required for the future?’
Following the oral hearing I considered my response and wrote to The Hon. Kennedy Graham and the Select Committee members on Sunday 1 May suggesting practical ways in which our treaty making process might be made more akin our democratic values. I suggested the development of a model treaty through a consultative public process.xliii

In respect to TPP and its projected monetary benefits are small relative to the cost. Recall that, all is speculation until it is implemented.xliv 

Aotearoa New Zealand – our role in the world – how do we score?

In regard to the workings of the World, our survey appears to be broader in scope and consideration than Your NZ Government’s.xlv The West’s creative works on 11 September 2001 is the causal pretext employed to enlarge the ‘disaster capitalism’ model currently in ascendency.xlvi The coffin lid is now nailed firmly shut on the West being “Mr Goodguy!” Realism identifies that we inhabit, “dystopia in the making.” The previously mentioned denial of scientific finding in our public policy settings, plus an objective observation of the trend of social, environmental and economic wellbeing indicators, adds weight to my thesis.

We in the land of New Zealand and particularly Your Excellency’s Government, are complicit by silence, if not collusion to cover up gross war crime and corruption! It was Edmund Burke who said, “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.”

One assumes that applies to nations, “Evil nations flourish when good nations do nothing.” Perhaps more so for nations which are sovereign entities with powerful force and weight of word in their considered statements, judgements and Acts.

How do we redeem our sullied name, as people and as a nation state?

How do we distance ourselves from further complicity in genocide and aggressive war?

What of the planetary reality?

Who if not our governments to regulate the development of the planet, its peoples and the orderliness of the process, unencumbered by corporate interest in determining the principles and levels of social and ecological welfare to be attained when development is permitted?

Aotearoa New Zealand – I wish it were funny

The following image unfortunately depicts, 'the winning or dominant strategy at work' governing planetary development on Papatuanuku our planet Earth.

Sustainability is about conserving and ensuring that there is abundance now and forever. The current paradigm is wasteful. The employment of industrial warfare for the settlement of disputes is the most wasteful of all strategies.

If the Presidents of the USA and Iran have a disagreement they like any other adults on the planet ought to be able to sit down and work out a just settlement. We have arbitration in all other realms, what about over the larger powers?

Sir, You were involved in the carnage first hand as Commander of our NZ military forces employed in the post 9/11 wars. You know more than most my meaning.xlvii

My extrapolations, if factually based, are possibly more credible than Your Government’s official summation of the matter. What is the unofficial summation? The assessment and facts they appear unwilling to formally acknowledge to myself, a private person and beneficiary in the Trust.xlviii

As Head of State and Administrator of the Trust, some say sacred trust, You are obliged to ensure Your Government acts appropriately, or refuse to continue in Office.xlix 

Aotearoa New Zealand – the people's evidence - TPP

Those opposing TPP have the weight of informed public opinion from civil, academic and professional society, as the many who opposed it at the select committee come from all walks of life in our State. These include many in commerce, professional roles including health practitioners, community, environmental organisations and as individuals.

The Vice Chancellors of all eight (8) NZ universities oppose the TPP!l The evidence and position paper from the university Vice Chancellors is the Christmas Star on the TPP Tree of Knowledge. Their thesis, ‘TPP is not in our interests.’ The Vice Chancellors evidence is supremely authoritative.

To deny the authority of the Vice Chancellors’ evidence to the FADT select committee is similar to the Roman Catholic Church requiring Copernicus and/or Galileo to recant and say that the Earth is the centre of the Universe despite their observations?li The question of dogma reigning over empiricism appears as relevant today.

The Vice Chancellors provided two of the 400 papers offered the committee by 255 oral presenters. In total more than 6000lii people offered their opinion, evidence or thoughts to the committee in written form. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – lest we forget

We exist in an interesting period of history on this planet. You might have an eye to destiny, our Nation’s and Your place in that great book of names and deeds. What will You be remembered for?

What is the soldier’s greatest epitaph?

What does, “lest we forget” mean to You?

In light of the World War One commemorations: Who fought the wars? For who’s benefit were they fought?

Working class men sacrificed their lives and often their sanity. Their wives, mothers and daughters staffed the production processes and kept the nation running whilst the men folk were off on ‘the great adventure’. The social contract was leveraged for the service of 100,000 New Zealanders, including tangata whenua in the 28th Battalion, in the Great War. The war to end all wars.

150,000 New Zealanders served twenty years later, in the war to prove them wrong!

In the first World War 18,000 killed and another 40,000 maimed. All scarred by what they participated in. How many dead, maimed and scared in World War Two? In World War One NZ sacrificed 6000 per million of our population to the blood-thirsty gods of war, whereas the British number was under 2000. You know Sir that veterans do not talk of their experiences to the uninitiated. The horrors that these New Zealanders experienced for King and Empire lie at the heart of the military Art. The one Art in which the participants refuse to share detailed experiences. The real horrors cannot be publicly displayed nor shared orally – the state waging war severely curtails free media reporting – thus the citizenry are left only with their imaginations, the misrepesentations of Hollywood - or there's ignorant bliss.

Where is the return quid pro quo in the social contract? How is it that the State allows the working class less opportunities, less income relative to the cost of living, reduces housing affordability and further depresses their status through encouraging casualisation of labour, all the while systemically reducing labour’s bargaining power in the market place. ‘Trickle-down economics’ is a dead duck that never flew.liii

The State sets the economic policies. If an increasing proportion of the surplus over labour value in the economy is being siphoned up to the already wealthy proportion of the population - it is as a result of the policy settings of government i.e. taxation and its distribution, wages, social security, housing, health, transport, war munitions, economic including legislative frameworks that enable tax havens (Shewan's report into NZ's foreign trust system identifies the deficiency – known to the shrewd, not the mass of the people till the Panama Papers) and other nefarious activity.

Add to that the diminishment of the State role in the economy, usually without the sanction of the population. To the contrary, the Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) on Asset Sales and the public vote for the retention of the power assets, surely is sufficient evidence of my thesis.liv It is evident they were stolen without consent of the people! The UK's Brexit vote points to the reaction of those dispossessed and denied an equitable and just role in the commonwealth. The liberal socialist and liberal capitalist cries foul over the Brexit vote, neither offered much solidarity to their fellow countrymen and women thrown upon industry's dustpile. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – intelligence and governance

TPP is no good for the Aotearoa New Zealand State - neither for its National Interest (as defined above) nor for the interests of the inhabitants (on the presumption these interests cohere).

There is sufficient evidence to cause a reasonable one to pause and take stock. The precautionary principle demands independent and comprehensive analysis and assessment prior to any further step to ratify the TPP treaty. We in the TPP Action movement have repeatedly requested this in our statements of demand and calls for a democratic process to be implemented.

A development that adds weight to the ‘corporate interest coup,’ is the frequent reference to Aotearoa-New Zealand as ‘NZ.Inc.’ The flag change proposal had all the qualities of a logo facelift. It is a failed Its attempt, only adds to the ‘open conspiracy’, to defraud the public of their democracy and replace it with a corporate facsimile.lvi

Is the NZ State that you lead, a plutocracy or a democracy?

The FADT TPP treaty examination report tabled in the parliament on 4 May 2016lvii ignores the bulk of the public evidence. That report had three minority reports from the Labour, Green and NZ First party representatives. To read these and the majority report on behalf of the National party members, identifies that we inhabit multiple parallel universes as far as risk, public interest and values are concerned. I attended and listened to most of the days of evidence from late February through end of April - missing only the Christchurch hearings, and a few in Wellington. From these I can say with some certainty that middle New Zealand does not want TPP.

The committee’s majority report pays no heed to the calls from most of those who offered material to the committee. They were not mentioned, nor the contents of their material given any acknowledgement of note.

Thousands offered paper and hundreds asked to be heard, some travelling the length of the country to obtain their 10 minutes of the committee’s precious time. All ignored by those who wrote the majority report.

Your Excellency, I raise serious matters in my evidence to the FADT committee.lviii Where the allegations of deep corruption and aggression are proven factual, it requires the prosecution of senior persons in public administration for terrific crimes against the people of their own states, and of foreign states they have attacked.

We appear to ignore the gross human rights violations and war crimes of our allies.

The US and ‘the coalition of the willing’ launched aggressive war in the post 9/11 period.lix These are our allies, with whom we have entered and renewed formal ties in the Wellington and Washington Declarations.lx

As I press on in my interrogation of our NZ Government agencies, I aim to uncover how much of the genocidal policies of our allies New Zealand formally know of and sanction. I abhor the level of denial and blinkered vision that allows the genocide to continue. It is a billion times worse than the abuse of Moko by his carers. These are pawns at the bottom of the food chain. Will the strength of feeling pouring into the aether from the hearts of the people of Aotearoa be harnessed by NZ.Inc to further entrench the paranoid security state with the call for “law and order?”lxi

Moko’s treatment and subsequent death is ghastly.

Now think on the daring, planning and level of premeditation involved in undertaking false flag events – all conspiracies to alter history. Your Excellency would be intimately aware of the required capacity, capability and security access required to successfully pull-off the 9/11 project. I wonder what the code name was? “9/11” itself?

Why not after all it is the biggest lie to engender the most profound disruption and alteration to the world of human affairs. Use the emergency code itself to create a sense of fear and panic in the minds of the US population as well as the globe. The destruction of the World Trade Centre’s seven (7) buildings, the attack and explosions at the Pentagon and the aircraft that was destroyed in mid air over Shanksville with pieces falling onto the surface of a lake, do not align with the 9/11 Commission report of 2004.

Nevertheless, we entered a war on a sovereign nation Afghanistan as part of a global posse known as the “Coalition of the Willing” to destroy the aggressor known as Osama Bin Laden.

My thesis acknowledges that the 9/11 perpetrators have effected the perfect genocidal crime. That admiration only reaches up to this point in time.

The direct killers of Moko have been brought to book with sentencing on Monday 27 June. What of the 9/11 perpetrators? When will they get their day in court?

The people who create and foster corruption at the highest levels, the ones who promote hatred, fear and loathing, are the ones who must meet blind justice. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – google intelligence – why pay for the GCSB and NZSIS?

On the matter of whether US naval ships visit (or any other nuclear power’s assets) for our NZ Navy's 75th anniversary celebrations - Prime Minister John Key is happy to bend our Nuclear Free status on the basis of material available in the public space as the USA policy is to not reveal whether their ships carry nuclear arms.lxii Any nuclear powered vessel is barred.

Why bother with the NZ Intelligence and Security apparatus if we can rely on google to get around our allies top secret security measures. Infinitely cheaper.

Can it be that we can use google for a general survey of the planet? Would the result model reality?

All of the content of my letter to Your Excellency comes from the google search engine and is publicly available. The art is in discriminating between reality and illusion. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – alliances and values – crime and punishment

Back to our knowledge of New Zealand’s part in geopolitical chess, whether the information is acquired via google or another source: New Zealand harbours, participates and provides cover for a genocidal maniac in the US nation (under it's current military and foreign policy regime) - the US has power and does cause mayhem. It has power and potential many orders greater than the threat posed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Hitler didn't deploy nuclear devices.

Our Ally the US is ramping up the rhetoric in a head to head with both China and USSR. It has provocations and covert projects in most nations on the planet – Its willingness to employ external aggression has grown through the past 120 years history “that lesson also from google.” It was busy taming its vast land in the period prior to 1900, so google informs, “launching atrocity on the native populations.”

What does this alliance say about New Zealand, its Government and the National Interest definition provided by our Intelligence Services?

We allow and now facilitate the destruction of many Pacific Ocean Nations' way of life through our support for the fossil fuel industry and are adverse to initiatives to promote alternative and sustainable power generation. The US has delayed and obstructed progress to mitigate climate change for a long period.lxiii The cumulative result is climate change caused though our industrial scale activities. The significant spike in global temperature is well illustrated in the following gif:

Guilt by association – we share the guilt - we are complicit as we do not expose the crime. The crimes we are concerned with are; genocide, war crimes, waging aggressive war and ecocide.
In a domestic setting, as we see with Moko, and other sensationalised horrific crimes - it becomes apparent the public abhor injustice and malicious violence. 

Aotearoa New Zealand – what do we institutionalise?

conclusions and recommendations

In TPP we enter a geopolitical club and trade bloc that continues the existing trend and momentum toward corporate control over the people, denying them effective democratic power through institutional law changes in both domestic and international realms. The trend will further encourage corruption, which is degrading to any democracy and the diminishes the ability of the State to protect its National Interest. Does that definition include the security of all the people of the NZ State.lxiv 

Recalling the GCSB and NZSIS response on the National Interest they follow;

It starts with the fundamental interest of maintaining New Zealand retains control of its political, social and economic structures and looks outward to maintaining security in the South Pacific region.

On this starting point I am in agreement, provided that the reference to New Zealand is properly constituted as a democracy and that the State is obliged to guide the people in an upward momentum toward betterment.

This paper and its references are offered as evidence toward your consideration of the question of TPP and its ratification should you require it. I know that you will have a broad comprehension given your career and life experience.

From a perspective of values and how they are upheld in the institutions of government, I feel it is critical that the matters I raise with Your Excellency are at the least “considered with an open mind granted any other opinion.” You have the benefit of my apprehension of the nature of our New Zealand Government, our constitutional arrangements and nature of those who ‘rule the world.’
If your assessment coincides with the one outlined herein, I suggest the following course of action;

  • The institution of a Commission of Inquiry into the matter of plutilateral2 and multilateral trade and investment treaties including the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty so as to ascertain their efficacy and value in meeting the needs of the security of the people of the Aotearoa NZ State and all of her interests (Security in its enlarged form as defined above ).
  • Recommend a binding referendum to answer the question in a formal democratic manner whether the New Zealand people consent to TPP.
  • Moratorium on further action to ratify any plutilateral and multilateral trade and investment treaty until the first two are met.

We need to collaborate effectively to minimise risk of further destruction of planetary beneficence and natural abundance. Where people, their businesses and their governments measurably improve the natural abundance, we are increasing the resilience and sustainability of the region, state and planet. We can then say, “we are correct in our actions.”

I bid Your Excellency well in the remainder of your time in office, and any future appointments. I merely pray that you remember what is most important, “he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.”

Warmest regards from greg
Greg Rzesniowiecki


1TPP – how does this fit our democracy – GG rev#1 file is proof-read revision of 29 June correspondence done 4-7-2016

2Plutilateral herein refers to less than multilateral. Multilateral refers to all the nations – as in all the nations party to the WTO, the UN or other universal grouping.

iThe Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) Watchdog journals; 136, 137, 138, 139 and 141 carry reports by Greg Rzesniowiecki in respect to my work in relation to the TPP:

I am not affiliated to any political party. I am interested in good public policy and beneficial governance in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally. I am a liberal humanitarian. I am firmly of the belief that neoliberal capitalism is an inappropriate ideology for the running of a state or planet if the object is a sustainable and equitable future, in which all gain a fair opportunity to develop to their full potential.

iiDemocracy etymology and definition, for an extensive description go here: ...which on page 6 offers the following: passage from a court case of the mid-fourth century B.C;
(Demosthenes 21: Against Meidias) Here, Demosthenes employs a rich vocabulary of strength, control, ability, and protection in summing up the democratic relationship between law, action, and public goods:
For in fact, if you [jurors] cared to consider and investigate the question of what it is that gives power and control (ischuroi kai kurioi) over everything in the polis to those of you who are jurors at any given time ... you would find that the reason is not that you alone of the citizens are armed and mobilized in ranks, nor that you are physically the best and strongest, nor that you are youngest in age, nor anything of the sort, but rather you'd find that you are powerful (ischuein) through the laws (nomoi). And what is the power (ischus) of the laws? Is it that, if any of you is attacked and gives a shout, they'll come running to your aid? No, they are just inscribed letters and have no ability (ouchi dunaint’) to do that. What then is their motive power (dunamis)? You are, if you secure them and make them authoritative (kurioi) whenever anyone asks for aid. So the laws are powerful (ischuroi) through you and you through the laws. You must therefore stand up for them (toutois boethein) in just the same way as any individual would stand up for himself if attacked; you must take the view that offenses against the law are public concerns (koina)... (21.223-225).
An early or original meaning of democracy is the collective capacity of a public to make good things happen in the public realm, through awarding people to posts as jurors so as to implement the law. The Governor General has the highest office as juror of all. Which better office to ask the question, “is New Zealand a democracy?” “What is our high law?”

iiiIf you disagree with the definition of democracy, perhaps consider yours in light of your reflections as you consider my letter’s suggestions and observations. Democracy is all about people deciding the fate of the state, here through the election of parties that represent their interests. If the NZ and global political party system is fractured and ineffective in representing the people’s interests there is a corruption in the process. What influence is the most corrosive in politics, besides pure power itself? Any chance the answer is money?

ivGovernor General’s Swearing In ceremony speech:
The Governor General (GG) Sir Jerry Mateparae stated in his inauguration speech in 2011 that his Oaths of Allegiance to the Queen and to the People of New Zealand1 “reflect my commitment to our country and the People… that I will serve faithfully and impartially. The values and undertakings in these oaths are very important to me.”
Sir Jerry further stated at that time, “My view reflects the sentiment of the proverb “He aha te mea nui o te ao—What is the most important thing in the world? The answer is: he tangata, he tangata, he tangata––it is people, it is people, it is people!”

vGovernor General website:

viThe term, “Lest We Forget” is usually employed for state building purposes, however it’s resonance with the people is the that the World War One veterans were fighting for a democratic ideal and set of values associated with freedom, despite the constant reference to Empire. In this Piscean Age ruled by Neptune is this an illusion or is the Sovereign engaged in promoting the welfare of the citizenry? The response of many New Zealanders who associate the flag with the glorious dead informs us of public values and what the people hold dear. In large measure the people have bought the illusion. I entered the list with this contribution to the Flag Referendum Bill pdf of paper: and my oral notes dropbox link pdf:

viiExecutive autocracy is the opposite of most people’s appreciation of democracy. In bilateral and multilateral trade and investment treaties the Crown prerogative is employed to sideline, ignore and belittle civil opposition to the scheme being imposed. At no point is a democratic decision taken prior to the Government signing and committing the NZ State to the arrangement. The report of the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Select Committee in relation to the International Treaties Bill (November 2002): Matt Robson Progressive party’s minority report acknowledges the undemocratic nature of the exercise of Crown prerogative by the Executive in respect to treaty making:
“...Parliament would have a practical mechanism to begin bridging the divide between the exclusive Executive right to make treaties and the responsibility of Parliament to ensure that the interests of democracy are protected. As this committee gained experience it would be able to advise Parliament of further practical and effective steps to allow for the democratisation of the process. The Progressive member believes it is time to take treaty making and foreign affairs in general out of the realm of the mysterious and into the realm of the normal democratic processes of Parliament.
The arguments that now is not the time and we do not have the resources are advanced whenever those with vested interests wish to protect a position. In a globalised world treaties and conventions have a greater and greater impact on the ordinary citizen. Their representatives in Parliament require adequate information to be able to protect the interests of the electors....”
The subsequent second reading debate hansard (19 February 2003) is interesting reading with the benefit of 13 years of hindsight:

viiiThere’s probably been more public contributions to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (FADT) select committee TPP treaty examination process than any treaty or bill for a while. Consider the size and complexity of the text - 6000 plus pages of potential loopholes.

ixThe point of this correspondence is to make this case. You are privileged with information and knowledge, accessed in your various official capacities, which I can only hope to review, which may allow you to disregard or overthrow the thesis I herein attempt.

xThe questions were directed at both the GCSB and the NZSIS 25 December 2015. They finally returned an answer to the full 37 questions 12 April 2016, with the one question referred to the NZ Defence Forces who following a 15 day extension, answered on Monday May 30. That question #19 asked, “Please provide the advice to Cabinet that motivated the Government to not participate in the 2003 Iraq War?” I was seeking details of the advice to the NZ Government in 2003 that persuaded them there was no justification for declaring and waging aggressive war on the nation state of Iraq. I am not alone, Britain has its Chilcott inquiry and there has been war crimes tribunals such as the Kuala Lumpar War Crimes Tribunal which prosecuted Bush and co. on the crime of torture.

xiMy thirty five (35) Official Information Act questions to the NZ security services on 25 December 2015 gained no positive answers in which official information was disclosed (NZ Defence Force answer to question #19, 30 May 2016, was in itself a deceptive ploy by the GCSB to avoid answering affirmatively to a question to which Your ex Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Phil Goff had in November 2014 confirmed they had the goods – so a lie by evasion).
The statement of the National Interest standard was offered by NZ Intelligence Services, however that in itself does not disclose the specific official information requested, where is it written? Did they just make up the guiding code? So much for the Official Information Act’s presumption that Government information ought be openly available. Maybe one (1) out of 35 is the score to date. The Ombudsman's office is pursuing that question #19 as the Officer comprehends the previous Foreign Minister Phil Goff's testimony in select committee which suggests the GCSB is not operating to the letter nor spirit of the OIA.

xiiThis in my view is an important history book from a man who made history: and here at National Library:

xiiiWhy are important texts of our economic and political history not in reprint, and circulated to politics and history students as well as for general consumption?

xvI prepared a paper for panel discussion #16; Neoliberalism, TPP and Pacific Climate Change, from dropbox pdf: asking who government listened to if not to the people when setting the NZ INDC offer at an abysmally low level. “Is our government captured by those who promote an agenda based in ecocide and climate vandalism?” And comes to conclusions; Neoliberalism encourages short-term thinking. Corporations maximise profits through the externalisation of costs. The commons and inhabitants carry those costs. The public interest suffers. TPP will excacerbate these.

xviThat Your minister signed the UNFCCC does not give me much comfort that the NZ Government support action to mitigate climate change. It is not long ago that many government ministers and MPs publicly refute the evidence of anthropogenic climate change. The low INDC offer of the government 11% reduction by 2030 based on 1995 levels of emissions is one of the least ambitious offers of any nation despite overwhelming support for strong action from the NZ public. Again the professions and academia were well represented amongst proponents for urgent strong action.

xviiClimate change is the global sword of Damocles which requires urgent attention and action. See this gif image which displays graphically the average annual temperature since 1850. The trajectory is unmistakably wild and clearly into new territory.
The gif comes from this website and the data to construct the model is based on a large research effort. It presents an interesting abstract of the situation we face:

xixWhat science tells us is one thing. Do our politicians and government care about facts? Most recently from the Dominion Post Monday 9 May, ‘The High Cost of Muzzling Scientists’: this with a miltary perspective on climate change from Dita De Boni:
On planetary boundaries try this: and this TED talk by Johan Rockstrom talks about the planetary risks we allow: Johan says in the first minute; “We live on a human-dominated planet, putting unprecedented pressure on the systems on Earth. This is bad news, but perhaps surprising to you, it's also part of the good news. We're the first generation -- thanks to science -- to be informed that we may be undermining the stability and the ability of planet Earth to support human development as we know it. It's also good news, because the planetary risks we're facing are so large, that business as usual is not an option. In fact, we're in a phase where transformative change is necessary, which opens the window for innovation, for new ideas and new paradigms. This is a scientific journey on the challenges facing humanity in the global phase of sustainability.”

xx‘Crimes Against Humanity – the Global Struggle For Global Justice’ 2000 by Geoffrey Robertson QC provides ample evidence of state despotism to domestic and foreign populations to the end of the millennium.
Despotism this century in the post 9/11 war on terror is referenced elsewhere, however this article from the Near East Observer places the Syrian conflict as a proxy war (continuing the clash of powers from the previous century) rather than a civil war as propounded by the West:

xxiWe apprehend an agenda to lock up and consolidate a hegemonic sphere of interest in a binding pact with enforceable rules. See my paper in dropbox link, “Neo-liberalism, TPP and Pacific Climate Change” for the Eye in the Storm VUW Pacific Climate Change Conference, where I draw parallels between the likely treatment of climate change mitigation legislation under UNFCCC and the delay and obfuscation in implementing Smokefree 2025 tobacco control legislation implemented as part of our commitment to the WHO FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), signed by 168 nations and binding 180.

xxiiIt was whilst investigating the crime known as 9/11 that I came across Otago University Meta Ethics Philosopher, Professor Charles Pigden’s essay, ‘Conspiracy Theories and the Conventional Wisdom’ who’s central thesis is that conspiracies exist and to find out one must investigate. Now revised: For a pdf. file of the paper link: Prof. Pigden’s abstract states; “Conspiracy theories should be neither believed nor investigated - that is the conventional wisdom. I argue that it is sometimes permissible both to investigate and to believe. Hence this is a dispute in the ethics of belief. I defend epistemic ‘oughts’ which apply in the first instance to belief-forming strategies which are partly under our control. But the belief-forming strategy of not believing conspiracy theories would be a political disaster and the epistemic equivalent of self-mutilation. I discuss several variations of this strategy, interpreting ‘conspiracy theory’ in different ways but I conclude that on all these readings, the conventional wisdom is deeply unwise.” (my bold emphasis)
xxiiiFuture agreements include trade in services agreement (TiSA), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the EU NZ economic partnership (proposed and being discussed actively), and more including with Saudi Arabia.

xxivRemembering the precautionary principle is established in European Law: which might be part of the answer as to why the EU are in an apparently superior position to our TPP agreement with the US in their TTIP treaty negotiations or are they?
My sense of the game is that it is all about power irrespective of the law. Or does the law equal power applied? The law is not in a position to discipline the powerful. This is apparent in the flagrant abuses of international law – Geoffrey Robertson QC’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity – The Struggle For Global Justice’ provides sobering reading. It was written in 1999 revised 2000. It provides an interesting perspective or lens through which to view the subsequent 16 years to now.

xxv100 NZ and international jurors volunteered that opinion paraphrased in 2012:

xxviThe tobacco carveout is a curious pyrrhic victory in that it sends a strong message that the TPP protections for governments to regulate and legislate in the public interest might be insufficient to deter ISDS suits under TPP. This is covered in my linked paper to the VUW ‘Eye of the Storm’ climate change conference, in endnotes 15 and 21.

xxviiiLetter to Hon. Kennedy Graham and FADT Select Committee on constitutional considerations to provide for democratic engagement in international treaty making:

xxxGlobalism might promote the end of the effective state, which would also deny the legitimate interest of the people in their democracy. The corporation’s assumption of authority is an emergent quality made possible by the ever-pressured and diminishing state. The corporation’s first responsibility is to the shareholders, not the host state and the needs of its citizens. Citizens are stakeholders in the state corporation which exists through a Trust which ought work for the mass of the citizenry (people's interests and full security).
Once it was for the state to regulate the terms of the arrangements by which actors in the economy transact their relations.
Who does an ‘ideological globalist’ (one who promotes a global free trade market when no such animal exists) serve and how can she legitimately pursue the NZ Intelligence and Security services’ definition of National Interest outlined on page 2?

In the contemporary global order, the institutions of the masters hold enormous power, not only in the international arena but also within their home states, on which they rely to protect their power and to provide economic support by a wide variety of means.
When we consider the role of the masters of mankind, we turn to such state policy priorities of the moment as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the investor-rights agreements mislabelled “free-trade agreements” in propaganda and commentary. They are negotiated in secret, apart from the hundreds of corporate lawyers and lobbyists writing the crucial details. The intention is to have them adopted in good Stalinist style with “fast track” procedures designed to block discussion and allow only the choice of yes or no (hence yes).
The designers regularly do quite well, not surprisingly. People are incidental, with the consequences one might anticipate.”

xxxiiThis article features Gus Van Haarten Canadian Law Professor: Gus also proposed an ISDS carve-out from all Investment treaties to be included in the UNFCCC. That sensible policy was not adopted.

xxxiiiMAI drew widespread criticism from civil society groups and developing countries, particularly over the possibility that the agreement would make it difficult to regulate foreign investors. After an intense global campaign was waged against the MAI by the treaty's critics, the host nation France announced in October 1998 that it would not support the agreement, effectively preventing its adoption due to the OECD's consensus procedures: and ACTA:

xxxiv‘Fundamentals’ is the name given to his lecture in 1980 by Lord Cook, where he outlines his view of the nature of the NZ state as a democracy, which the judiciary (jurors) were forsworn to protect. One presumes the advice is applicable to all in high office.
xxxvA number of pieces of correspondence to Your Excellency are available for review in this dropbox file along with the updated version of the petition form, to take account of the fact of the TPP Signing on Thursday 4 February 2016: which includes this pdf.file of TPP Free Wellington (TFW) correspondence through December 2015 including the initial response from Your Officer Gregory Baughen to TPW request for an audience to meet you with our petition and concern:

xxxviaIt is here that we can see the full implication emerge. It is evident that the NZ Government is fully supportive of this coup by the Global transnational corporations over the people’s governments. This is a conspiracy of the largest dimensions. Where were the arrangements developed and why were they not related to the people affected in a manner that allows them to appreciate the intent of the corporate coup? Global civil society opposed and defeated the multilateral agreement on investment (MAI), surely opposition to the content of MAI rolls over to opposition to TPP’s Investment Chapter given the similarity of content and implication?

xxxviiiWe have another 4000 signatures to add to those you received in January.

xlFADT Select Committee TPP treaty examination, all evidence:

xliiMy oral presentation Thursday 28 April to FADT committee is hosted at Soundcloud:
My various evidence and research papers are linked on the Soundcloud page, with a comment that links to a dropbox file - TPP Greg's FADT evidence:
Dropbox folder containing 9 documents to FADT Select Committee’s TPP treaty examination in three tranches 29 February, 28 April 2016, and in response to question from Kennedy Graham at the 28 April hearings on constitutional measures to consider for the future on the 1 May 2016.

xliiiFADT paper 1 May 2016, ‘Further response to Hon. Kennedy Graham question of my oral evidence presented 28 April 2016’:

xlivThe best estimates and projections will rarely be absolutely accurate. The issue is how approximately do any of the predictions mirror reality, in their assumptions and abstractions? The US has just released another assessment which does not paint a rosy picture of benefit for the US:

xlvOne of the papers I offered is entitled, ‘United states (US) vs Aotearoa NZ values, Do These Correlate?’ link here: to hammer the coffin lid closed on the West being nice guys, the following report outlines the acknowledgement by government officials of their nation’s involvement in ‘false flag’ terror events often against their own citizens in order to launch aggressive war. The War on Terror announced by POTUS George W Bush 20 September 2001 rides on the back of the 9/11 false flag terror event: none of the powers are innocent. The deeper I go, the uglier the truth. Who are we marrying in TPP?

xlviNaomi Klein’s tome, ‘The Shock Doctrine’ is an important contribution to the public apprehension of what the US national security state is about: From the website:
In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries.
My paper for the FADT Select Committee referenced at endnote 45 above, ‘US – Aotearoa NA Values – do these cohere?’ adds to the evidence and conclusion, ‘that the current mode of capitalist exploitation is cannibalistic’ - are these Aotearoa - NZ values?

xlviiJon Stephenson’s reporting on our actions in relation to Afghan prisoners of war paints the picture that our Defence forces and bureaucracy prefer opacity to sunlight. The denial of criminality and the thrashing of the reputation of a journalist merely doing his job adds weight to the ‘conspiracy to deny the truth’ of what the post 9/11 wars are about: and the settlement of the matter as far as Jon Stephenson’s reporting being accurate:

xlviiiThe presumption toward disclosure of state held information provided in the Official Information Act’s principle’s is recognition of the Trust (State) obligations toward the beneficiaries (citizens), whether the disclosure pertains to domestic or foreign relations matters. It took me 60 working days to get a ‘nil answer’ from the GCSB and the NZSIS to most of the 35 questions I asked them in December 2015. I have received an answer from the Department of Defence (30-5-2016) in relation to the advice to the NZ Government Cabinet in respect to entering the Iraq War in early 2003. This area is vexed as my sense is that your Government’s agencies have lied to me, or at best misrepresented that they do not hold files containing the advice they provided the Clark Labour Government in respect to Operation Enduring Freedom. The Hon. Phil Goff in 2003 was the Foreign Affairs Minister. In the course of my oral presentation to the FADT select committee in relation to the Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill, Goff stated that the Government received advice from the GCSB that there was no basis to join the War on Iraq. He further made the point that following the June 2003 decision to send a humanitarian reconstruction team to Basra, that the NZ Defence Forces were not participating in Operation Enduring Freedom. The Hon. Phil Goff’s comments were recorded by NZ parliamentary services and I’ve uploaded them to Soundcloud here:
I’ve recently watched the New Zealand production, ‘Notes to Eternity’. In the film Noam Chomsky makes the point that he and his network are better informed than the CIA, as the spies are ideologically bound to not look at what will create discordance with state dogma:

xlixThe organisers of the petition to Your Excellency note the comments of prominent jurors. Sir Robin Cooke Privy Councillor and Chief Justice of the NZ Court of Appeal said; “…the modern common law should be seen to have a free and democratic society as its basic tenet and, for that reason, to be built on two complementary and lawfully unalterable principles: the operation of a democratic legislature and the operation of independent courts… …if a change, by legislation or otherwise, were seen to undermine either of them to a significant extent, it would be the responsibility of Judges to say so and, if their judgements to that effect were disregarded, to resign or to acknowledge frankly that they are prepared to depart from their judicial oath and to serve a state not entitled to be called a free democracy.” (“Fundamentals”, New Zealand Law Journal, May 1988.)

lUniversities of New Zealand TPP evidence to the FADT committee oral evidence 7 April: plus supplementary offered to committee to clarify the Vice Chancellors’ committee statutory role reinforcing their right to their opinion in opposition to the TPP:

liNicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei were two scientists who printed books that later became banned. Copernicus faced no persecution when he was alive because he died shortly after publishing his book. Galileo, on the other hand, was tried by the Inquisition after his book was published. Both scientists held the same theory that the Earth revolved around the sun, a theory now known to be true. However, the Church disapproved of this theory because the Holy Scriptures state that the Earth is at the centre, not the Sun. As the contents of the Bible were taken literally, the publishing of these books proved, to the Church, that Copernicus and Galileo were sinners; they preached, through their writing, that the Bible was wrong:

liiThere were 400 papers from 255 oral presenters, most in person or by teleconference to the FADT hearings. There were 3000 papers or submissions from individuals who did not appear and a further 3000 who contributed through an online platform run by Action Station. This according to Hon. Kennedy Graham was an extraordinary high level of public engagement for a select committee process.

liiiThere are many studies and official studies to support this thesis. In fact no other finding can be reached by any reasoned survey of the data. IMF: We can go back a bit to the 1930’s and survey the Brookings Institute’s reports under the general heading ‘Income and Economic Progress’ and the later volume entitled ‘The Recovery Problem in the United States’ to identify that productive economies perform more effectively with increased equity in the state income pie:

livNZ Elections Assets Sales Citizens Initiated Referendum result 442,985 in favour of the sell-off, 920,188 opposed:

lvMy evidence to the Flag Referendum Bill consideration of the Justice and Electoral committee, both evidence and the notes I used to speak to herein: ….it appears that in some circles that the flag has more than mere symbolic value. What power does it hold? For if it is a symbol of power then any who alter such a powerful entity are themselves powerful. All politics is about the exercise of power. In a sense redrafting the face of the National Symbol is going for Gold.Whilst great for kings its not much good as a measure of value as usually there is only one winner and we need loftier principles than self aggrandisement to drive social and political economic settings. Egalitarianism has a larger place in the conduct of public affairs. Or if it does not egalitarianism ought be prominent.

lviCorporate boxing as analogy for the current trends – corporations can be risk-accepting in respect to the commons and others, whereas government is generally risk adverse. Corporate boxing’s rules afford less protection to the protagonists than amateur or professional rules. The commentators in ‘Corporate Boxing’ say as much during the brawly parts of the fights. The difference is the knock down rules and assessment of whether a knocked-out fighter can receive more punishment, despite being whacked and unable to defend their self.

lviiFADT TPP treaty examination report 4 May 2016 pdf: or link located on page at: The Select Committee representatives are listed in appendix 1 and the government’s TPP National Interest Analysis (NIA) is appendix 2.

lviiiThe office of Governor General is a critical role in New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. I note that you were briefly placed at the head of the New Zealand security services prior to the announcement and assuming your present office on the 31 August 2011. I note that Dame Patsy Reddy, has had service in the security service sector as co-panelist in the recent review of the NZ Security Services, see report here:

lixIt may be for this reason that our ally the US elects not to ratify the Rome Statute, despite it recommending that African despots be charged and tried in that jurisdiction.

lxiiJohn Key speaks of the manner in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade gain assessments of whether a foreign naval asset is nuclear armed:

lxiiiI entered a deep look at the problem of climate change to the Ministry for the Environment’s review of the NZ Government’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) commitment to the UNFCCC, June 2015 paper:

lxivThe Panama Trust exposures and the tendency for wealthy people and governments to conspire in arrangements to minimise the global tax take is a serious withholding of funds from the common pool available for taxation for the maintenance of the social fabric that governments are charged with providing for their people and their communities. Is this an open conspiracy of the elite with surplus wealth, perhaps now plugged for a time by Shewan's recommendations. What of the other nations and their tax base?


  1. I received a reply fairly promptly early Tuesday morning the 5th July. The following is a faithful representation of the content of the reply from Gregory Baughen the Governor General's official secretary.


    Dear Greg
    Thank you for your email and the attachments, and also for your earlier message of 29 June.
    It is well known that you oppose the intention of the present Government that New Zealand should become a party to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Some other members of the public share that opposition.
    I hope that the role of the Governor-General in New Zealand’s system of constitutional monarchy and representative democracy is also well known.  The person who holds the office of Governor-General should not, and does not, act in a way that would prevent the government of the day from carrying out its policy programme.
    In the event that the House of Representatives places before the Governor-General a Bill on the TPP, duly passed and with advice from ministers of the Crown, the Governor-General will act on that advice.
    Yours sincerely
    Gregory Baughen
    Official Secretary to the Governor-General of New Zealand
    Wellington, New Zealand

  2. " The person who holds the office of Governor-General should not, and does not, act in a way that would prevent the government of the day from carrying out its policy programme.

    In the event that the House of Representatives places before the Governor-General a Bill on the TPP, duly passed and with advice from ministers of the Crown, the Governor-General will act on that advice."

    Would suggest this course is futile is my read based on this reply?

  3. According to some fighting the TPP is futile in itself. This opinion has no bearing on efforts I extend to

    a) cause the TPP to be abandoned in its current form, nor

    b) stop me from pursuing the matter with the Governor General as I and many see is appropriate to point out the undemocratic nature of our constitution.

    Cheers though.

  4. Gregory Baughen's interpretation of the Governor-General's role in New Zealand is hopelessly incorrect. That he is permitted to make such a statement in support of "policy programmes of the day" may indicate that the government, and the Governor-General himself, also hold hopelessly incorrect views.

  5. Dear Greg that was a wonderful and informative piece. keep up the good work I only wish more people saw the TTP for what it really is. steve

    1. You might like this link Steve and any who are watching.

      Regarding Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the enforcement of investor rights.

      This is gold from from John Oliver on Philip Morris suing nations through Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

      We are very concerned for Government's and Council's ability to regulate in the public interest. This might place it in perspective for the community.

      18 minutes on what arseholes Philip Morris are. Watch it, because this is what we are up against with corporate ISDS suits against Governments who legislate in the public interest. They are but one of the many we will have to contend with under TPP.

      Whether NZ has much to worry about under this current government is moot, it has been fudging on Tobacco Control Legislation for years now despite being a signatory to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and appear to jump asking "how high" every time a corporation gets a bit grumpy with public interest legislation proposed by our servants in Gov.


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