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TPP Roadie - May Day Appeal

Greetings friends,
I am currently travelling in the North Island presenting to local councils on their long term plans (LTP). Please read details below.
I have prepared and circulated a paper to all 78 NZ Councils. I travelled from Motueka in order to present to North Island councils. The journey is outlined below.
However in order to do this I need petrol, sustenance, and a new windscreen for my van!
If you could help here is the account:
Public Advocacy Donations Account 389017-0439360-00 ref: TPP roadie

LTP Project Outline 
To service the local government initiative I'm presenting to as many council LTP hearings through late April, May and early June as I am able. I've elected to do this on the North Island for the simple fact there's more councils. Motivated people from any region can attend council LTP hearings and support the 4 recommendations in presentations to their council - please get in touch if this is you.
Central Hawkes Bay District Council (CHBDC) in Waipawa was my first LTP hearing on Thursday 26 April. I left Motueka on Anzac Day afternoon, driving to Picton for Thursday's 8:00am ferry.
I presented at about 4:20pm. Mayor Alex Walker welcomed me to the council indicating that councillors had read my papers. I was provided 5 minutes to speak to the themes and 4 recommendations. I said, “Our recommendation will not cost you anything.” Council were aware that the NZ Government had adopted our 3rd recommendation Paul Eagle's members bill as a Government Bill the "Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill" on 5 April with it's First Reading Wednesday 11 April.
Mayor Walker asked, “all you want is for council to endorse the recommendations – is that it?” I answered “yes.” It struck then that Council comprehended the paper I wrote. Is that universal? What will they decide?
CHBDC as with all councils will decide their final plan at the conclusion of the consultation process – hopefully our recommendations are included.
Next I present on TPP/CPTPP as one of several community activists at the Waiheke annual May Day Theatre of Resistance (TOR). I'll be showing “CPTPP is still a shit deal” video of the “TPPA Wrong Track” protest by the Christchurch team on 1 March 2018 where activists locked onto the railway tracks at Lincoln Rd Addington – body on the line activism – TOR promises to be a lively affair:
TPP Roadie on the council LTP trail needs sustenance and petrol money
After Waiheke I travel to Levin for 1:05pm Thursday May 3 appointment at the Horowhenua District Council (HDC) LTP hearings. Then away to Hamilton for the 7th May presentation at Waikato Regional Council, then a drive to Stratford for the Taranaki Regional Council with the possibility to present to the South Taranaki District Council during their hearings next day 8 May.
I'll be doing a few thousand kilometres in the near term. Remainder of May involves travelling to Council LTP hearings. On the list for hearing presentations are Rangiteiki, South Wairarapa, Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast, Porirua, Wellington City and Greater Wellington Regional, New Plymouth and Manawatu Councils also. I'll fit in more where I am able.
I'll also need to program my appearance before the FADT select committee to express my view on the CPTPP and the petition.

Local Government 2018 LTP lobby
The strategy and tactics involved in the struggle for a sustainable and ethically governed New Zealand has been transformed with the September 2017 general election and November formation and swearing in of the Labour-NZ First-Green Government.
Six (6) months on we need to encourage the government to keep on-track.
The new government parties made a number of aspirational and ambitious statements through the election which were condensed into the 9 November Speech From The Throne which outlined the government's program.
The rebranded TPP now known as CPTPP is a major obstruction to the government's stated objects of delivering a fairer, sustainable and just NZ political economy.
TPP/CPTPP is the wrong track!
Democratic engagement on CPTPP and trade treaties is occuring in several forums;

For more details go to my blogs:

Public Advocacy Donations Account 389017-0439360-00 ref: TPP roadie

TPP Action - tpp roadie facebook page:
Many thanks for your support
Greg Rzesniowiecki

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