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TPP Roadie – LTP public hearings report 13 May 2018

Written in the Hutt Valley
Greetings friends,
A big thank you to people who supported my May Day appeal or in the many ways that people do. The local government LTP ethical governance project has a fair bit of interest.
Tinkerbell now has a well engineered and fitted custom driveshaft connecting her gearbox to the differential. She'll need to be in order as we do over a thousand kilometres next week and more in the weeks that follow. The driveshaft repair was in the nick of time. Picture of the broken universal drive unit which hung on till in the workshop before shattering in the mechanic's hands.

The repairs have eaten into the funds I had assumed would pay for petrol, so I'm in a bit of a bind as far as servicing the LTP hearings planned and to be confirmed. However the universe has kept me solvent for the past 4 years to continue my advocacy work.
I'm happy to continue. If you could help here is the account:Public Advocacy Donations Account 389017-0439360-00 ref: TPP roadie
LTP Project progress todate
I've now visited and spoken at 4 Council's LTP hearings; Central Hawkes Bay 26 April, Horowhenua District 3 May, plus the Waikato and Taranaki Regional Councils both on Monday 7 May.
Mike presented on behalf of the project in Nelson on Wednesday 9 May saying he felt he was well received and bonus he's kindly provided his well constructed notes.
I attended the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade (FADT) select committee hearing Thursday 10 May to watch proceedings – my turn is Thursday 17 May.
Many friends presented to voice there disapproval of the CPTPP, Wendy, Amanda, Jane Pete, Rick, Kit, Gordon (came from Nelson region).
Gen and Charles from Christchurch, Robin from Napier and more I might not have recalled spoke via teleconference so we heard their contributions. CPTPP is the same deal as TPP - it isn't beneficial.
Federated Farmers, as well as other trade interests spoke about the trade benefits and boosted the CPTPP for its bottom line contribution to New Zealand's economy. They made no mention of the costs to civil society interests.
Friendly organisations included CTU representatives Sam Huggard and Bill Rosenberg. Professor Jane Kelsey was the last presenter and gained a fair hearing including about 20 minutes of question and answer with committee members.
Jane particularly underlined the regulatory problems about data and the E Commerce Chapter. The CTU explained that the Labour Chapter protections were not enforceable so merely attractive packaging spin, no matter the alleged ambition.
All civil society contributors made important points and in creative ways. There's a lot of ways to say or CPTPP is the wrong track.
Wendy and Amanda made strong statements about the farce of the process as the CPTPP decision is predetermined. Working to disrupt that reality might then be key!

LTP Project down the track
Looking forward I'll be at South Wairarapa District Council at 9:05am 14 May.
We have a presentation spot at Tauranga City Council LTP hearings 7:40pm Monday 14 May. I will not be able to make that, however, we may have locals do that presentation.
Along with locals I'll be at Kapiti Coast District Council my speaking slot 2:20pm Tuesday 15 May. Friends are presenting on the Monday.
And recall that South Wairarapa, Tauranga and Kapiti supported the TPP policy solution in 2015.
Wednesday 16 May I'll drive to Manawatu to speak to Rangiteiki District Council at Taihape 10:10am then a dash to Waikato country for the Waikato at Ngaruawahia 2:10pm and Te Aroha 3:40pm for Matamata Piako District Councils – the appointments are spaced sufficient to attend each comfortably. I will then drive from Te Aroha to the Hutt for Thursday morning.
My speaking spot at Hutt City Council is 9:30am Thursday 17 May.
TPP Free Wellington representative Antony Maddock will make his presentation on Wednesday 16 May. Hutt City supported the TPP policy solution in 2015.
Porirua City Council at 1:50pm Thursday afternoon.
Between the two councils is my FADT CPTPP treaty examination hearing. My presentation to the FADT select committee is 11.15am Thursday 17 May.
I earlier wrote the FADT committee suggesting that an allocation of 5 minutes was ludicrous for a serious presentation on CPTPP. This was echoed by many more who wrote the committee suggesting it was unfair. The FADT committee has traditionally done 10 minute hearings and I've been presenting since 2014 on treaties and bills.
Along with the team from TPP Free Wellington I'm at Upper Hutt City at 12:40pm on 21 May. You might remember that Upper Hutt is the first and only TPP Free Council in New Zealand as well as supported the TPP policy solution. The only similar political statement is from the Waiheke Local Board of the Auckland City Council.
Both Greater Wellington and Wellington City councils' hearings are later that week at times TBC. New Plymouth maybe 28 May, Masterton District Council hearing 4:15pm 30 May and Carterton is 9:15am on 31 May. Napier City Council is likely on 5 or 6 June.
Wellington City adopted the TPP policy solution and Greater Wellington Regional Council carried decisions on TPP in 2013 and 2015 which assisted the democracy.
I'll also be attending the Open Government Partnership (OGP) workshop all day Wednesday 23 May which will assist determine the priority matters from the list to place into the upcoming NZ Open Government plan. One proposition I definitely support is reform of the Official Information Act of 1982 to amend Sec 6 to allow for a public interest test where the government claims privilege. I've suggested this on many occasions as it is a frustration and blockage to holding government foreign policy accountable to public law and democratic oversight and sanction.
Ways to assist LTP project
Wanted are people in the regions who are interested to make representation at their LTP hearings. This is especially important in the South Island, as I've concentrated my personal efforts in the North Island.
I'll advise about more council LTP hearings coming in the pipeline plus report feedback and decisions from the Council's consideration of our LTP recommendations where they are forthcoming.
The Response from Councils
Councils thus far have listened respectfully. The only Council where the line was put, “it's not Council business” was Taranaki Regional where a Councillor stated that I had placed “the whole kitchen sink” in my paper, “Surely those are matters for Central Government”. I had anticipated that as Taranaki Regional Council had previously objected to the TPP policy solution for similar reasons.
My response is that if you want good governance then set the example.
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Many thanks for your support.
Greg Rzesniowiecki

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